Apex Legends Mobile Review

Respawn’s ability to create distinct and refined FPS experiences on mobile is demonstrated in Apex Legends mobile. While the controls are inadequate, Apex Mobile raises the bar for mobile FPS games by preserving Apex’s famous movement mechanics and core unique battle Royale experience. Apex Legends Mobile gets a review from us.

  • Apex Legends Mobile is more than just a port of Apex Legends from the PC to the mobile platform. The rewards system, as well as a mobile-exclusive legend, Fade, is among the game’s mobile-only aspects. However, Apex Legends Mobile maintains the same fundamental gameplay experience as the PC and console versions. Apex Legends Mobile is unlike any other mobile shooter because of its sharp gunplay and fast-paced movement. While BGMI and Free Fire Max appear to take a serious approach to shooters, Apex Legends Mobile is far more enjoyable and rewarding, thanks to its diverse cast of characters and their special powers.

Controls may use some work.

  • Touch controls have always felt a little cluttered in mobile shooters, and they have some latency difficulties. The controls in Apex Legends Mobile feel even more crowded now that several additional buttons are necessary for character powers. In games like Apex Legends Mobile, using a gamepad appears to be a superior option for a more natural gameplay experience. The game does allow controller input, but it isn’t yet fully optimised. Because the same button is used for different tasks, button prompts appear to be all over the place. For example, depending on the situation, the ‘X’ button on an Xbox controller is utilised for picking up/dropping things, performing your finisher, and reloading your rifle.

Perks system

  • The new mobile-exclusive perks system was included upon the official launch of Apex Legends Mobile. The perks system allows you to gain talents for Legends simply by playing the game with them. These powers enhance a Legend’s abilities, making them even more lethal. Bangalore, for example, has a perk that allows her to shoot four smoke canisters instead of three. Each Legend has its own set of perks that enhance its already powerful skills.
  • Apex Legends Smartphone is a mobile version of Apex Legends that flawlessly preserves the game’s exciting and engaging shooter experience while also adding certain mobile-specific features. Playing the game is gratifying since it allows you to unlock new Legends that can drastically alter your gameplay experience. However, Apex Legends currently offers a limited amount of maps and game modes, which may become tedious after a few days of play. In addition, all Legends from the PC and console versions of Apex Legends have yet to be introduced to Apex Legends Mobile.

The verdict on Apex Legends Mobile


Apex Legends Mobile is likely to receive a slew of new content from Respawn in the near future. Apex Legends Mobile is a far superior shooter to BGMI and Free Fire Max, despite its faults. In the following months, Respawn is anticipated to address performance concerns and improve controls, making Apex Legends Mobile one of the best mobile shooters available. Genshin Impact is another game which is also played a lot – check it out.

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