Genshin Impact Manga- Is it canon and where to read it

Read Genshin Impact Manga

In the current scenario of fantasies and imaginations, maximum people want to live a life out of their own will. They want to be the hero of their kingdoms. Thus, many RPGs are growing and trending in the latest marketplace. Out of those top RPGs, Genshin Impact is one of the best. Its expanding traffic proves that it is worth playing. But everyone does not want to play it. They want to feel it without playing. There comes the Genshin Impact Manga for the rescue.

What is Genshin Impact Manga?

Genshin Impact Manga

Genshin Impact is an open-world RPG revolving around Gacha mechanics. The players can control a number of party members having different abilities, personalities, gears, and weapons. Its storyline is fabulous and the multiplayer feature adds a cap to it. It has anime-style graphics and gives a heavy emphasis on party combat. It’s filled with unique adventures. Similarly, each and all single detail are perfectly assembled in the Genshin Impact’s Manga. It is drawn precisely by trained artists

Characteristics of Genshin Impact Manga!

1) Chapters and Languages Available: The Manga comprises 16 chapters available in 13 different languages. It is important to note that only Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language versions have full 16 chapters at the present moment.

  • Prologue: Songs of the Wind
  • Chapter 1: Bad Wine
  • Chapter 2: Flame Born
  • Chapter 3: Lost and Found
  • Chapter 4: Surprise Finding
  • Chapter 5: Dangerous Grounds
  • Chapter 6: Wind and Fyre
  • Chapter 7: Dusty Chest
  • Chapter 8: Final Clue
  • Chapter 9: Ludi Harpastum
  • Chapter 10: Fools Trick
  • Chapter 11: Serpent’s Dance
  • Chapter 12: Unshrouded
  • Chapter 13: Dual Recurrence
  • Chapter 14: Malignant Illness
  • Chapter 15: Conclusion
  • Chapter 16: Talks Over a Drink

2) Game’s Father: The Genshin Impact Manga may also be referred to as the father of the RPG. The main reason is that it tells the pre-events of the main game’s story.

3) Manga’s Home: The Genshin Impact Manga is available on both Webtoon and the game’s official website for reading.

where to read genshin impact manga

4) Manga Stars: The Genshin Impact Manga consists of many characters.

  2. Jean
  3. Lisa
  4. Amber
  5. Diluc
  6. Kaeya
  7. Vennessa
  8. Eroch
  9. Traveler
  10. SUMERU
  11. Collei
  12. Cyno
  13. Barnabas
  15. Dottore
  16. Krupp
  18. Lord Lawrence
  19. Barca Lawrence

5)  Producer: The Genshin Impact Manga is produced by Mihoyo.

6) Status: The Manga is still ongoing with intense twists and turns at each and every moment.

7) Anthology: The Manga’s anthology is purely non-canon. It is completely focused on creating funny incidents.


From the above information, we can conclude that everyone does not need to be a gamer to get a gaming experience. A person can read the Genshin Impact Manga too for the essence of the famous RPG, Genshin Impact.

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