Top 7 anime of 2021

The anime business, of course, continues to thrive. It’s been a great year for anime, even if there hasn’t been a major shift in its landscape. Anime’s popularity continues to rise thanks in part to more and more accessible ways to watch these shows, and, I don’t know, There were a lot of great options for our end-year list, including some that didn’t quite make it due to their mostly incomplete run at the time of this list’s writing (sorry, Stone Ocean!). Here is our favourite top anime of the year, after a lot of consideration:

1. Odd Taxi Top anime of the year

13 episodes of Odd Cab show a profound core; Hiroshi Odokawa, the taxi driver, is an eccentric and permanently single walrus. His Taxi becomes the focus of the investigation as a missing girl begins to intrude on his personal life. If you’re looking for something a little slower-paced than Taxi Cab Confessions or Durarara!, Odd Taxi is a good choice. In addition to being intriguing, the show serves as an excellent teaching tool for the art of producing tension. This season’s episodes are building to a climax followed by a cooling-off period.

2. Ranking of Kings Top anime of the year

It’s hard to think of a better phrase to characterise The Ranking of Kings, even though I loathe the word “wholesome.” But it’s so much more than that. Prince Bojji’s half-brother and the people of the kingdom ridicule and abuse him even though he was born deaf. After meeting Kage, a shadow who understands his feelings, Bojji vows to become a worthy king to take his rightful reign. The fantasy world of Ranking of Kings is reminiscent of Dragon Quest in both style and atmosphere, although portrayed in a beautiful watercolour style. Battle choreography and freeform fantasy storytelling echo Jacques Demy’s fantastical worlds, and the emotional narrative lays the stage for an epic adventure worthy of the best anime online in the genre.

3. The Heike Story Top anime of the year

Science SARU has had a fantastic couple of years, starting with Devilman Crybaby in 2018 and continuing with the anthology series Star Wars: Visions this year. In 2021, the studio’s best work will be its most modest series to date. The Genpei War is depicted in an academic record in the Heike Story. Orphaned daughter Biwa of the clan that killed her father is taken in by the clan’s heir and raised by him. Despite her unwillingness to help her father’s murders, she sets out to document the unfolding events, making her the author of the title epic.

4. Wonder Egg Priority Top anime of the year

A flurry of Wonder Eggs It would be a wonderful anime if Priority had a nice conclusion. CloverWorks’ The Promised Neverland Season 2 was a disaster because of the pandemic, an inexperienced yet talented workforce, and an animation company on the verge of breaking point (see: The Promised Neverland Season 2). The second season of this dark magical girl anime is doubtful because of this horrific production.

5. Jujutsu Kaisen Top anime of the year

Last year, when we didn’t include the series’ first half on our year-end list, it was easy to dismiss Jujutsu Kaisen as an average action anime. No matter how many things it fails at, MAPPA’s steadfast successor to Attack on Titan (and Demon Slayer’s strongest competitor for the time being) is a master of none. However, it has a solid combination of rich characters, beautiful animation, smooth fight scenes, intriguing but not overblown lore, and a killer soundtrack. Almost every major action anime has struggled to honour its female cast, but Kaisen has done so by stretching the boundaries of what a shounen anime can be and making bold choices in its plot beats.

6. Pui Pui Molar Top anime of the year

Pui Molcar’s 12 short episodes may be finished in less than 30 minutes. Anime-bingers rejoice! You may easily recommend it to friends who don’t like anime. It’s a silent film made entirely out of felted stop-motion pieces. As a result, there is no need to discuss “subs vs dubs” debates. Miniature guinea pigs in the form of automobiles have an undeniable allure. Epic.

7. Tokyo Revenger Top anime of the year

There are echoes of popular dramas like Erased and Gokusen, but Tokyo Revengers is a novel take on time travel and delinquent gang politics that is emotionally raw and grippingly violent thanks to its eclectic blend. There is a strong nostalgia for the aughts, which acts as a powerful glue for what could be a totally inconsistent narrative, and Tokyo Revengers’ emphasis on memory, even our most painful and repressed, is what makes it appealing; the central mystery unfolds with a healthy dose of twists and subversion; One of Tokyo Revengers’ greatest strengths is that it’s hard to pin down exactly who the film is for. It’s a character study on meatheads as it is an action-packed tragedy in motion. It’s one of the best anime online slow burns of the year. Austin Jones


As we look back on the year in Top anime, so many great shows stand out. From the exciting continuation of the fan-favourite series to the surprises of new additions, there was something for everyone in 2021. With more and more ways to watch anime than ever before, it’s easier to get into this amazing medium. Here’s hoping that 2021 will be just as good a year for anime as 2020 was!

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