Top 7 streamers of Genshin Impact

Developed and released by miHoYo, the role-playing game Genshin Impact is available now. Travellers” are the characters that players control in the game’s open-world landscape and action-based combat system. The game was launched on September 28, 2020, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android.

The plot of Genshin Impact centres on a pair of identical twins who are mysteriously transferred to the world of Tivat. They have to discover a way back to their world while uncovering its mysteries. They will come across other Travelers with their special talents as they travel. They will uncover the mysteries of Teyvat as a team.

Genshin Impact has gotten positive reviews from critics and players alike since its release. Beautiful graphics and open-world exploration have been lauded by many. Others have praised combat and character customisation. Genshin Impact will be one of the most popular best online game of 2020, thanks to its engaging storyline and captivating gameplay.

There are many best of Genshin Impact streamer you can check out below.

Following are the Top 7 Genshin Impact streamer

1. Enviosity

“The F2P Archon” is Enviosity, a content producer no Genshin Impact player should be without.

When it comes to balancing entertainment with education, Enviosity  Genshin Impact streamer isthe best.

His guides will be there for you to get the most out of every update, maximise your daily progress, and even if you’re getting a bit bored of the game (but still love it).

If you’re interested in seeing how he carries the flag of F2P high, you’ll find many gaming videos on his YouTube channel.

Enviosity has a short clips channel when you need a little light entertainment.

2. Genshin Impact streamer Bwaap

Bwaap is here to entertain you if you don’t care about learning anything but want to play some old-school backseat gaming.

This creator stands out because of his charming demeanour and acute understanding of the comedy of Generation Z.

Every time he posts a video or stream, he delivers top-notch humour and positive energy.

Bwaap Genshin Impact streamer makes everything more fun, whether it’s reacting to cinematics, executing crazy stunts (like attacking endgame content with Amber equipped with the worst bow) or simply running the Spiral Abyss.

3. Teyvat Historia

The best thing about best online game like Destiny 2 and Genshin Impact: exploring their worlds and immersing myself in their storylines, and the best way to do so is through the efforts of those who take the time to do so in entertaining films.

While farming Primogems, nobody has the time to read every book and understand all of the surrounding information.

Genshin lore buffs should head to Teyvat Historia.

You’ll learn more about what’s going on, better understand the various regions, and catch little nuances you may otherwise miss if you don’t watch their movies.

4. Mtashed

You can also turn to Mtashed, a talented Genshin Impact streamer that puts in a lot of time and money into Genshin Impact, so you don’t have to.

That’s not the only thing he does.

To prove that you can enjoy yourself and become more powerful without spending any money, he has “whale” material where he spends money on a banner to get a character to Constellation level 6 as quickly as possible.

When it comes to instructional movies for new players, Mtashed is a standout. His videos like “25 Tips for New & Returning Players” are excellent examples.

5. IWinToLose Gaming

IWinToLose Gaming, a down-to-earth person with a talent for examining what’s truly important about a character and explaining it in simple terms, is a great resource if you’re in the same boat.

For example, he has videos explaining Bennet’s secret six-star character, what Talents should be crowned, and the finest F2P builds in Genshin.

In addition, he has a special programme designed to assist you in maximising the potential of your character.

If you want to amplify your Genshin Impacts, he’s your man.

6. Tectone

If you want to know what your Genshin Impact streamer pals are talking about, Tectone is a must-have.

It’s all about the experience, not learning anything from this artist.

Don’t anticipate any guidelines or anything like that from him; his commentary is outstanding, and he brings a lot of excitement to the table.

Even if you don’t know how to play YT or Twitch, Tectone can teach you how.

Since his titles and thumbnails are so crazy, he is quickly approaching the 1 million subscriber threshold.

In addition to Honkai Impact 3rd and Lost Ark, he is also a player.

Tectone is a must-see if you enjoy any of those games.

7. Sekapoko

Sekapoko is an excellent source of information about the Genshin Impact streamer current state.

He’ll inform you about GI news, seasonal events, new banners, GI scandals, and how to use the Star glitter Shop’s monthly reset.

He makes a lot of weapon comparisons and shows off different builds, so following up with his stuff will surely help you improve your game.


Genshin Impact is one of the most popular best online games of 2020. Its engaging storyline and captivating gameplay have earned it praise from both critics and players alike. If you’re looking for a great game to play, be sure to check out Genshin Impact. You won’t be disappointed. To learn how to get Primogems in Genshin Impact, click here.

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